Mobile Homes/Manufactured Homes - when land not included

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Purchasing a mobile home/manufactured home/modular home in a mobile home park where the purchase does not include the land. Single wide, double wide, or greater. Park charges space to rent.

Primary Residence

  • Minimum 600 credit score, minimum 5% down payment (all applicants)
  • Minimum 550 credit score, minimum 10% down payment

Minimum criteria:

  • Minimum loan amount of $25,000
  • Minimum DTI 50%
  • Maximum Term 300 months (25-year terms)
  • Judgments and Liens MUST Be paid in full or set up on a payment plan and still be within DTI guidelines.
  • Must have at least 12-24 months of established installment reported on credit history.
  • Alternate credit references, for example, verification of rent may be considered for limited established installment credit.
  • Buy Down available, 1 buy down point - 0.25% rate reduction (max 4 points)

Third-party appraisal required by lender-approved appraiser. The maximum allowable loan amount is based on appraised value multiplied by % down.


  • BK less than 36 months from discharge date
  • Foreclosure less than 60 months
  • Must be US Citizen or permanent resident alien
  • No current delinquent credit on any open line of credit

Secondary home, Buy-For, co-sign, and refinance

Second Home/Vacation Home


  • Minimum credit score 660
  • Minimum 20% down
  • Minimum loan amount is $25,000

Buy For:

  • Minimum credit score 660
  • 20% minimum down payment
  • 10-Year Maximum Term
  • Minimum loan amount is $25,000


  • Minimum credit score of 660
  • Must have positive payment history of at least 12 months for collateral being refinanced
  • Must have a net-tangible benefit for the customer
  • No Cash-Out Refinance
  • Home Only
  • Minimum 10% in equity
  • Maximum DTI 50%
  • Maximum Term 300 months